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The Dolphin Index is a really useful tool for clearly identifying our strengths and areas for improvement.

Jo North, Commercial Director, Northern Rail

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The Creative Conversation

Current areas being explored in our 'Thinking Lab' include:

  • The characteristics of innovative climates and culture
  • Shifting culture and climate
  • Team processes that enhance creative and innovative outcomes
  • Ways to enhance individual creativity
  • Embedding learning

Please join in this learning journey and we welcome your ideas and suggestions for areas for research.

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The Thinking Lab

Many attempts to introduce a new climate and culture, new values and new behaviours into an organization - fail. We believe there can be several reasons for such failure, which our solutions aim to overcome.

First of all, we rely on sound content, based on best science, research and practice, existing and new, giving rise to what we proudly call our learning 'gems'.

At the heart of the Dolphin Index Organization is our own Research and Development (R&D) department, what we call the 'Thinking Lab'. Our R&D team, consisting of chartered psychologists and highly experienced development practitioners, validate existing 'gems' and discover or create new 'gems' that are proven to have a positive impact on your organization’s performance and success.

Secondly we introduce these 'gems' with a 'wow' and embed them so they 'stick' for a billion years - or at least for a long time. We create the 'wow' and get the learning to 'stick' by designing all our learning to make full use of:

Rigorous principles of best learning theory and proven practice, and creative use of social media.


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Having looked at several practitioners of the Ekvall criteria, I have been delighted to work with Mark and the Dolphin Organization to evaluate BBI’s culture for change and creativity. Mark has combined excellent, pragmatic business realism, with the passion to drive 21st century business growth, and he communicates this in a way that has engaged every level of the business and been truly inspirational. If you are looking to the future for you and your business, you need to do this!

Peter Corish, Head of Business Development, BBI Group

The great thing about the Dolphin Index is the opportunity to benchmark your climate against the world outside - and get feedback that says 'It doesn't have to be like that!'

David Mayle, Head of the Open University Business School's Centre for Innovation, Knowledge & Enterprise

The Dolphin Index is a really useful tool for clearly identifying our strengths and areas for improvement.

Jo North, Commercial Director, Northern Rail

The Dolphin Index has been an important tool in Nestle Rowntree’s strategy to develop a broad innovation culture across the business and to remove the mystique that so often surrounds creativity and innovation.

Creativity Development Manager, Nestle Rowntree

The Dolphin Index is the ideal tool for assessing your climate and so for understanding the levers to pull so as to make the enterprise more dynamic, innovative and successful.

Nick Gurney, Former CEO Bristol City Council

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