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What is the history of the Index?

The Dolphin Index is built upon the ground breaking work of Professor Goran Ekvall, who for many years conducted research examining the links between organisational climate and creativity and innovation. Originally the Dolphin Index (then called the 'Innovation Climate Questionnaire')was an English language translation of Ekvalls Creative Climate Questionnaire. However, we have significantly expanded the scope of the original questionnaire to embrace other critical facets of climate.

So far, we have added four additional scales that are important in teams, departmental and organizational creativity and innovation. We have added 'stress', 'shared view', 'pay recognition', and 'work recognition', while two other new scales ('idea-proliferation' and 'positive relationships') are modifications of Ekvall's original 'debates', 'trust' and 'conflicts' dimensions. These changes are the result of our continuing substantial data collection plus analysis and our own research into what team, departmental and organizational climate makes for higher levels of creativity and innovation.

But surely not everyone is creative?

If your stereotype of a creative person is of some wild, frenzied, 'out of the box' dishevelled artist or boffin then you may be right However, our definition of creativity allwos for both evolutionary creativity - as in doing things better - and revolutionary creativity - as in doing things differently. And which is best? Both are best. And in most environments you want to nurture both kinds of creativity. So maybe we need to rethink our stereotype of 'creative'. Yes your smart suited actuary, accountant or bank manager is creative. And they may even revolutionary in their creativity too.

How does the Dolphin Index compare with other similar tools?

Mathisen and Einarsen (2004) provided a review of the available instruments for measuring work environments conducive for creativity and innovation. This review highlighted five key measures: KEYS, CCQ, SOQ, TCI and SSSI. It is worth noting that the CCQ and SOQ are primarily the same questionnaire. Moreover, the Dolphin Index was developed from the CCQ, but has improved and added dimensions. Furthermore, the Dolphin Index also includes factors not included in these other measures, but those which the literature and are own research have demonstrated are crucial in organisational innovation. Therefore the Dolphin Index is the most comprehensive measure of innovative climate available.

Dolphin Index Questionnaire

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‘I have been delighted to work with Mark and the Dolphin Index Organization to evaluate BBI’s culture for change and creativity. Mark has combined excellent, pragmatic business realism with the passion to drive 21st century business growth, and he communicates this in a way that has engaged every level of the business and been truly inspirational. If you are looking to the future for you and your business, you need to do this!’

Peter Corish, Head of Business Development, BBI Group