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Mark Brown, CEO of the Dolphin Index, is a widely published author who is invited to contribute to publications on a regular basis. He is an expert on organisations and how they thrive, survive or die.

Brilliant Lives, Brilliant Organisations, Brilliant World

Mark's presentations take you to the land of Wtopia (Utopia at Work) where dolphins thrive and dinosaurs die. In Wtopia people have happier, more fulfilled and productive work lives, organisations are more successful and the world becomes a much better and happier place.

Mark explores how to transform your organisation. Do you want to be a dolphin that thrives in Wtopia or a dinosaur which becomes extinct?

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8 Shades of the 'F' Word

Exploring the word 'Failure' and its place in the innovation journey. Here Mark focuses on eight ways of looking at the different shades of meaning and association for the world 'Failure'.

You can download a copy of Mark's article by clicking here (PDF)

Total Innovation Management ...

...turning ideas into action

Innovation matters. Directors know this. The question is how to engineer your organisation for the appropriate levels of innovation. This article explores this question of 'how to promote innovation in your organisation?'

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Thinking Afresh the NHS

Mark Brown is a highly-respected, widely published author who is invited to contribute to journals on a regular basis.

As the Managing Director of the Dolphin Index Organisation and a thought leader on 'open thinking', as well as an expert on fostering a creative and innovative climate within businesses and organisations, he was recently asked to produce a paper for the National Health Service in the UK, discussing how the organisation can adopt a more creative, can-do environment and embrace opportunities for change.

You can download a copy of Mark's article by clicking here (PDF, 1.5mb)

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‘Thirteen used the Dolphin Index for the first time in 2019 and will be checking again in 2020 to see how we have progressed. The survey was simple to use and colleagues got a fantastic buzz from being able to see their own results. Taking a deeper look at the qualitative feedback alongside the quantitative outputs has had a significant impact on our understanding and approach to engagement and communication’.

Michelle Younger, Senior Innovation Manager, Thirteen